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  1. Bullet Games JustPatzer How you pretend to play better "bullet chess" if you do not improve fi…
  2. Bullet Games XxOfficialMasterxX Just keep practicing
  3. Bullet Games XxOfficialMasterxX You should play with people who will give you a challenge but are arou…
  4. Replace Lichess Basics Mistake… noob2chess Maybe something red and says "oops try again!" or "hmm. there must be …
  5. Happy horsies achja As a chess horse lover I was very pleased with this one. Thanks to my…
  6. A 10 year old superstar noob2chess @ironblue 9 Rounds Swiss Rate of play: 90 minutes in 40 moves …
  7. Bullet Games Anonynnous Hey as someone learning to get better at chess, would it be selfish to…
  8. a slow game 90+30 st3f4n0s I would very much appreciate your opinion. Especially about strategy/p…
  9. A 10 year old superstar ChessLearningPro Thanks for posting.
  10. Replace Lichess Basics Mistake… Cytotoxic I love the lichess "Basics" lessons. Everything is clear and cleanly d…
  11. A 10 year old superstar ironblue Thanks for posting, noob2chess! What was the time control on this game?
  12. A hec...tic GM game JustPatzer I think Stockfish has been overused with these indicators. In stand…
  13. A hec...tic GM game achja @kettwiesel #2 Great stuff ! Thanks :)
  14. A 10 year old superstar JustPatzer What a positional battle! Kramnik can embrace himself!
  15. My best game today achja In this game I got worse, but then grabbed some chances to get back in…
  16. A 10 year old superstar Puzzletraining then he is not that good if he started at 2, he has spent 8 years alre…
  17. A 10 year old superstar oxnard He is actually 11 years old (in the last month). Obviously this is sti…
  18. Under 1800 Lichess tournament. seanysean It would be nice to have a U2050 tourny too :)
  19. other games seanysean Um I like checkers? It sure qualifies for a bored game.
  20. Lance ( 2552) Simul now Larissbug Lance is giving a simul now, …
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