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  1. Chess is fun... nckqefhm Chess is a lie :p
  2. A simul for anybody nckqefhm :( it's not for everyone. I can't join
  3. Clock Problems? Toutatis I've just lost several games (and a whole load of points :O) because m…
  4. Youtube Chess Channel Aggregat… thetasquared Bookmarked - thank you, looks like a nice resource for those of us who…
  5. Bobby Fischer won 20 consecuti… Rembrandt16 That's great! Hustle! One day I will pass 1550 elo(lichess)!
  6. I would like to point out how … Rembrandt16 Ahhhh. @lovlas That's how you play blindfold chess here. Neat!
  7. Youtube Chess Channel Aggregat… drazed Nice site, I like it :)
  8. The Rook Walk IsolatedPun-Youtube In a blitz blindfold game, I recommend using this priceless technique.…
  9. I would like to point out how … CRO_CHESS_FAN Thank you @ FM Lovlas did not know about it
  10. I would like to point out how … FM lovlas You can play blindfold by going here:…
  11. I would like to point out how … CRO_CHESS_FAN Great site no question, just thinking it would be great option to hide…
  12. Analysis Lonewolf Round 2 Comm… CommonBoy This is the first analysis that I have tried please view it and give m…
  13. I would like to point out how … phlegm @thibault Hello thibault There are so many great features on th…
  14. I would like to point out how … thibault Try for a computer practice session, whe…
  15. Why some movement explanation JoseAldo mmm..... ok, i see! Thanks for your answer!
  16. Bobby Fischer won 20 consecuti… Spirit-of-VOS Bobby Fischer won seven games at the 1970 Palma de Mallorca Interzonal…
  17. I would like to point out how … Flops Why playing against a machine, when you could play against a big commu…
  18. I would like to point out how … BestSiteEver I am kinda suspicious of it. It is too good. Seriously, great site…
  19. How's the top? DanDan2016 Being a (sort of) high level player in atomic and a not so high level…
  20. How's the top? BestSiteEver I was on the top in some other game. It was rare that anyone could giv…
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