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  1. Pieces alignment shaktimaan I am using Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 m... the latest one
  2. Detecting engine use and false postives jvs Good to know. The numbers are "for instance". The chances of the t […]
  3. Detecting engine use and false postives Cynosure Yeah, a single game could be a false positive, but it's unlikely if th […]
  4. Make it easier to challenge pe […] thibault And what rating would we sort users with? Remember you have not one, b […]
  5. Make it easier to challenge pe […] jvs The sort order of the players list is unclear anyway. It seems to be v […]
  6. Detecting engine use and false postives thibault I want to rectify: there are not 20,000 games played per day on liches […]
  7. Detecting engine use and false postives jvs A while back I reported some suspect behavior and it was quickly acted […]
  8. Make it easier to challenge pe […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube In reply to #10 Yes I just realised from my perspective I tend to j […]
  9. Pieces alignment thibault shaktimaan: what browser do you use? Does it work better with a recent […]
  10. Pieces alignment conor34 I also have this problem but only in puzzles - Safari 8.0 - OS X 10.10.1
  11. What is chess?? Jerichoturnpike chess causes anxiety and is a time waster but thats its charm how do y […]
  12. Pieces alignment shaktimaan Hi, Another bug. Pieces alignment has gone wrong (in puzzles). Che […]
  13. Make it easier to challenge pe […] POMMODORO @Clarkey The online players' list should be filtered by rating, please
  14. takebacks Tannenwald Granting a take-back is necessarily resulting in a disadvantage for th […]
  15. takebacks stonecollector As a principle I never accept takebacks in rated games and consequentl […]
  16. disconnecting. rohit-11 first time i used theme option and i really like it.but when i choose […]
  17. UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,2014/201 […] rzenaikrzys FINAL RESULTS,25/26 November 2014 1.Atletico(ESP)-Olympiakos(GRE)-G […]
  18. Color mixer Baluk Hi, It would be nice to have a color mixer. Any board color available. gg
  19. time not right in inbox Nice_To_Mate_You the time in my inbox insnt displayed correctly it said i messgaed my f […]
  20. new board picture! Clarkey The images must be 1024x1024. Other than that, it seems reasonable to […]
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