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  1. (Chess Variant) Angel Chess. guyza To rj, it is not mate as you can drop a piece in to block the mate. To […]
  2. Chess website rankings TheIceManV Can someone give me a link to a list of the top chess websites?
  3. Fabiano Caruana... neverbeenherebefore is now working with Lawrence Trent
  4. Sicilian Defence, McDonnell Attack mietk This opening is considered inferior for white. Black is supposed to ge […]
  5. No one ever won a game by resigning. seanysean #1 i came across the same puzzle too recently! i also new the answer w […]
  6. Sicilian Defence, McDonnell Attack NrkPE Hello guys, I've always struggled as black against early f4-push op […]
  7. No one ever won a game by resigning. zitterbart @thibault: Why not add this to the puzzles? :)
  8. No one ever won a game by resigning. zitterbart That's a nice one, Schultz.
  9. Partnership With FICS? Nocturnal420 Interesting. Thank you. I was reading through there and no ...other th […]
  10. No one ever won a game by resigning. Dr_King_Schultz That's why I always have a look at the last few moves in my correspond […]
  11. No one ever won a game by resigning. elwood_ Nice puzzle, a little counter-intuitive at first. It took me a bit of […]
  12. Partnership With FICS? thibault See […]
  13. Partnership With FICS? Nocturnal420 I see. Obviously that's allowed or you guys wouldn't be doing it but h […]
  14. Carrying an advantage KaosEmrald r1bqr1k1/ppp2ppp/5n2/8/3P4/P1B1pP2/1PP3PP/R2QKB1R b KQ - 0 12 The p […]
  15. Partnership With FICS? DunnoItAll FICS isn't working with lichess. Lichess basically just logs onto FIC […]
  16. Lichess TV Threecheck HSDSamalama Hello! I would like to see on Lichess TV the checks each site has giv […]
  17. disable choosing color in rating games zitterbart If a guy just plays white, I prefer not to play him after noticing.
  18. disable choosing color in rating games pirania147 I think it should be disabled, because some players always choose whit […]
  19. Auto-Switch doesn't work in Co […] znthnk I tried with Submit move and instant Move and the page remained in the […]
  20. Top 100 lists? FinkelFrand Users can wonder how much rating points they need to get a top 100 tro […]
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